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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lynx Creek, AZ Gold Wash Plant

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Saturday, May 7, 2011 now open for business

Arizona Gold Fever gold paydirt and panning concentrates store is now open for business. Currently selling 2lb, 5lbs, and 10lbs bags. Check back often as we will have new products for sale.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gold to $5000, hits record of $1534 on Bernanke comments today...

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital says gold going to $5000 in the next decade.

Gold hits new record of $1534 today after Chairman of the Fed Helicopter Ben had his historic first press conference. Let's see what he said...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

98.6 oz California Gold Nugget Sells at Auction for $460,000

The Washington Nugget, named after the historic Sierra Gold Rush town in Nevada County where it was found. It was found last February using a pick on an unmined area of the Omega-Malakoff Tertiary Channel. At nearly 100 ounces it is the largest California gold nugget still in existence. The gold in this nugget would be worth $147k but since it has a historic significance and rarity it was valued at much more at auction. The bidding started at $250,000 and ended several minutes later to an anonymous bidder for $460k.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 5 Largest Gold Nuggets in the World

#1 Welcome Stranger nugget weighing in at 2316 oz., found on February 5th, 1869 in Moliagul, Victoria, Australia. It was discovered by John Deason and Richard Oates just 2 inches below the surface near a root of a tree in Bulldog Gully.  It measured 2 ft x 1.02 ft in size.  Due to the size of the nugget it could not be weighed on any scales at the time and had to be broken down into 3 smaller pieces.  It was melted down shortly after finding and only recreations of the nugget made from drawings exist.  One replica of the "Welcome Stranger" nugget can be found at the City Museum in Treasury Place, in Melbourne, Victoria.  The other replica is owned by descendants of John Deason.

#2 Pepita Canaa nugget weighing in at 2145 oz., found Sept 13, 1983 by miners at the Serra Pelada Mine in the State of Para, Brazil.  It currently resides in the Banco Central Museum in Brazil.

#3 Golden Eagle nugget weighing in at 1136 oz., found by sixteen year old Jack Larcombe on January 8th, 1931 in Larkinville, Western Australia.  The nugget required two men to lift it and was given the name due to its resemblance to a bird.

#4 Newmont's Normandy Nugget weighing in at 899 oz. found near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in 1995.  It currently is on display in the Perth Mint in Australia.

#5 Hand of Faith nugget weighing in at 875 oz. found in 1980 in Wedderburn, Australia.  The nugget was purchased for over a million dollars and currently resides in the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.  It is listed as the largest ever gold nugget found with a metal detector.

What do you predict the price of gold will be at the end of 2011?